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Relaxation Swedish Massage

A full-body, focused on relaxation treatment if you are unfamiliar with your body's limits; this is the massage we recommend to you.

Pricing: 30 Minutes:$40,

              60 Minutes $70

              90 Minutes $105

            120 Minutes $140

Therapeutic Deep Tissue Massage

Another form of Swedish massage, the deep tissue massage is also a full body massage with the focus of therapeutic therapy that will help work out any chronic muscle tension.

Pricing: 30 Minutes $45

              60 Minutes $75

              90 Minutes $110

            120 Minutes $145


Hot Stone Massage

The hot stones will melt away tension from your body, and relax your muscles. It will allow energy to flow more efficiently through your body while promoting healthy circulation and metabolism.

Pricing: 90 minutes $140


Prenatal Massage

It is no surprise that when pregnant, some aches and pains might be overbearing.  A prenatal massage includes deep bodywork that will help promote circulation and take some of the pressure off your muscles and joints.

Pricing: 30 Minutes $40

              60 Minutes $70

              90 Minutes $105